answering your questions one dish at a time...

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

~from Mitchekie


And stuffing. I'm a big sucker for my Mom's stuffing. It's not elaborate and full of stuff, it's mostly whole grain bread, onions & poultry seasoning, but I love it.

It's become a well known thing in our house that my Mom makes the best turkey in the world. Our theory is that it's because she loves turkey so much that it's infused with it. She doesn't get fussy with basting or glazes and it's always the best turkey I've ever had.

This year for Thanksgiving (which was last month in Canada), we had turkey, mashed yams, peas & onions and steamed carrots & onions. Seeing as it was a 17lb turkey for 3 people we then spent the rest of a week coming up with creative ways to use up the leftovers. Turkey cobbler, turkey soup, turkey stock, turkey sandwiches, turkey salad... by the end I was turkeyed-out.

Good question :) and Happy Thanksgiving!
If you have to make Thanksgiving dinner this year, or are just craving turkey, check out my guides on "How To Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner" & "Thanksgiving Part 2: the Side Dishes"

vote for Rebecca!

Hey Everyone!

I hope all of you have had a great start to the spring!  I'm finally back on my feet after a knee injury and enjoying the sunshine.

I like to share news and stories from the readers & supporters of fat girl skinny so today that's what I'm doing.  Rebecca has been following the site since it's launch, and is always excited to talk about nutrition.  Right now she's competing in a Fitness Challenge at a local gym.  It's helped to motivate her to get fit again, and she's been really happy with the results so far.  

However, to stay in the contest she's going to need people to vote for her.  They start of with 20 women, then they vote it down to 10, and eventually 5.  Today marks the first elimination round.  She needs people to vote for her before midnight tonight so that she can stay in.  She's already lost 15 lbs and 23 inches.  We were talking about it yesterday, and she agreed that really she had already won from the experience.  But I think it would be nice if she could win the contest too!  

So if you'd like to take a second from your day and register a vote for Rebecca that would be great.  The voting is really easy, you type in an email address & they send you a confirmation.  You do have to confirm the vote for it to count.  They won't use your email anywhere, so don't worry about that.  

To vote go here: http://totalmakeover.gofusionfitness.com/voting.php

To read more about Rebecca's story you can read her bio here: http://totalmakeover.gofusionfitness.com/rebecca_g.html

Thanks to everyone who supported one of our own!

If you have any fat girl skinny related news, stories or feedback send me an email & let me know!



ps - part 2 of the lasagna is "sun dried tomato pesto"... and the recipe will be up today!


pictures from kat's kitchen

whizzing up some of my besto pesto tonight... a little preview for next week's recipe!


where's kat?

To those of you who've been following along on the fat girl skinny facebook fan page, you may already know where I've been.  But to catch the rest of the world up, I thought I'd write a quick note.  

I've been on my couch.

For 3 weeks.

I injured my knee on the job covering the Olympic Torch Relay (for those who might not know, I'm a photographer).  At first I thought it was a sprain, but found out later it was a bit more serious.  I couldn't stand up, bend it, straighten it, or do much of anything.  Which means that I haven't been in the kitchen or out at the market shopping!  Not to mention not being able to sit at a desk meant no writing anything new up!

So I haven't forgotten you all, but I was forced to take a mini-break.  The good news is that I'm finally able to stand up again today!  It's not totally better, as I found out when trying to make something basic.  All the twisting from counter to fridge to stove had me yelping in pain a few times.  And while I may not be inventing new things, I'm hoping to be back and writing at my desk this week.

Thanks for hanging in there everyone!

For those of you who twitter, fat girl skinny finally has it's own account (after some insistence from some Calvin College friends) you can find it here: @fatgirlskinny.  And as always you can find the fat girl skinny facebook fan page here.


Hope you're all enjoying spring!




jamie oliver: chef, father, revolutionary

I've loved Jamie Oliver since before he was married with kids.  When he was still "the Naked Chef", and he drove his little moped around London.  I remember first seeing his cooking show on the Food Network and loving the simple way he prepared food and talked to the person behind the camera.

Over the years I've watched Jamie's career grow and change.  When he started Fifteen, and took hard on their luck kids and gave them world class chef's training so they could have a career I was moved.  When he did "Jamie's Dinners" and took on the challenge of changing the way school children in England were fed, I watched and cheered.  When I saw "Jamie's Fowl Dinners" about the chicken industry I was shocked.  But when I saw his latest mission, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" I cried.  Watch the trailer for his new show that will be on ABC starting March 26th, I know you'll be moved.

Jamie has been a personal hero of mine for years.  Cooking was always in my family, and I grew up pretty confident in the kitchen.  But in 2005 when I had to make huge changes to the way I was eating I felt so alone.  I couldn't rely on old family recipes, and I had to change the way I was thinking about cooking.  The first few months were pretty bleak, I thought that I would have to give up my love of cooking forever.  Then one day I was sitting in my office and I picked up a copy of Jamie's Kitchen.  I had stood in line for 2 hours in the Vancouver rain to get it signed by him at Chapters.  When I flipped through the book, I found myself inspired by the simple foods and the gorgeous photographs by David Loftus.  Jamie's approach to food got me back in the kitchen.

I combined all the things that I learned from my grandmother & my parents over the years about cooking with Jamie's simplistic approach to food.  Suddenly I found myself excited to try new dishes and make things up.  My diet of no white sugar, white flour, starches & fats didn't always mesh well with Jamie's recipes.  But he managed to inspire my palette to try new combinations and be more adventurous with my food choices.  Over time he also became a big influence in the way I thought about where food came from, and what I was putting into my body.

Jamie was awarded the TED Prize this year.  Normally it goes to 4 people, but this year it went just to him.  He wants to start a food revolution in America.  He wants kids to learn about food and cooking, and bring life back to our kitchens.  While I am not American, I think that his mission might be the one thing that will kick off a movement.  Here at fat girl skinny, I've been sharing my mini-revolution, but I would encourage you all to please help Jamie with his project.  If you live in the US please sign his Food Revolution Petition here.  To read more about his TED Prize & how you can help go here.

Please help Jamie and be a part of the revolution.  Even for those of us who don't live in the US, start a revolution in your kitchen & on your plate.